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Frequently Asked Questions

The costs involved building a house depends on its size and materials used in a project. However to give you a brief indication with our housing costs, we approximately charge $2000 NZD per square metre.

Again, it depends on the size and materials involved in a project. We are always available for free estimate so get in touch with us today!

The price can vary depending on the size and materials involved in the project. We can give you a better idea once we visit the site. It’s important that the both parties first understand the wants and needs for the project. We have made it easy for our clients by offering free on-site consultation!

Absolutely YES! We’ll make sure to have our consultations ready to go and offer no-obligation consultation on site. Please don’t feel pressured with any of our quotations as we’ve also been in your shoes. We would like you to have an amazing experience with us. 

Our team members work primarily in Auckland however it does not limit us to move out of region. If you require a project done elsewhere we can still do the work for you. 

Each & every projects to perfection.

Choosing the right builder can be difficult sometimes. Invite us for free estimates and see whether we are the right suit!

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For any commercial and residential construction enquiries, please contact us and we’ll be in response within 1 business day.